a person who views various figures of antiquity, including both pagan gods and major biblical characters, as mythical.

Who is Mythicist Milwaukee?

Mythicist Milwaukee is a group dedicated to the mythicist position - studying ancient civilizations and the parallels between past ancient beliefs and today's modern religions in hopes of spreading tolerance and peace through education.

So many characters depicted in Christianity are largely based upon Roman, Greek, Egyptian and other myths. We believe it's important to share the information presented by historical evidence so we can make decisions based on informed choice, rather than blind faith. For too many years, religion has been used as a means for the use and abuse of power over the un- and under-informed. In the information age we live in today, we refuse to stand by ignorant of our origins and beliefs.

No matter your faith or dogma, we hope to openly share information with one another and enlighten ourselves based on historical facts presented to us. Join us in discussion at our next Meetup, or on Facebook or Twitter to share your knowledge.


"Mythicism allows us to step outside the theist-versus-atheist box and to value the vast human creation of religion and mythology, without being either antagonistic toward it or believing it as dogma."

- Acharya S (aka DM Murdock)

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