At the age of 30 Horus was baptized by Anup the Baptizer

Anubis purifying the Osiris
(Renouf, Egyptian Book of the Dead, 51)


“Concerning the sun god’s nightly journey back to life, Egyptologist Dr. Jacobus Van Dijk of the University of Groningen says that ‘according to the Pyramid Texts, the sun god purifies himself in the morning in the Lake of the Field of Rushes.’ Thus, the morning sun – or Horus – was said to pass through the purifying or baptismal waters to become reborn, revivified or resurrected.” (Murdock, CIE, 247)

"The Egyptian god Anpu, Anup or ‘Anubis,’ the latter of which is his Greek name, is the Egyptian precedent for the Christian character John the Baptist.  There are many similarities, such as Anubis being the ‘Preparer of the Way of the Other World’ and John the Baptist being ‘preparer of the way of Christ.’ As another, Anubis serves as ‘purifier’ or ‘baptizer’ of Egyptian gods and deceased persons, including both Horus and Osiris." (Zeitgeist: The Movie, Part 1 Companion Guide)

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1. Alissa Grespo wrote:
Are you sure this info is accurate, because i heard from others that Anup the baptizer doesn't exist. This is just a question, not a claim.

Sun, December 15, 2013 @ 1:47 PM

2. Jeff Stuben wrote:
By heard from others, Alissa is referring to the blurb called "6 Famous Documentaries That Were Shockingly Full of Crap"

This blurb in fact is actually full of crap itself.

Wed, December 18, 2013 @ 7:42 AM

3. Mythicist Milwaukee wrote:
@Jeff and @Alissa - Thanks for your comments and for doing some double-checking of facts! Check out the section of this Wikipedia page "Misconceptions in Popular Media" This is what you're referring to, I'm guessing. But everything in comparative mythology isn't always an exact comparison. No, Anubis did not "baptize" in the same way that John the Baptist did; but he was known as the figure that helped to "prepare the way to the other world" - much like John the Baptist did.

There are other examples of pre-christian baptisms aside from this story, though. If you're interested, check out Mithraism.


Thu, January 16, 2014 @ 10:46 PM

4. Jo wrote:
There is a misconception about the character of Anup. Anubis or Anup is seen in the Book of the dead as a messenger of Ausar or Osiris. But when Osiris was killed by Set, he undertakes the job of embalming the body of Osiris. Soon he becomes as an embalmer of dead bodies who purifies the body for mummification. He is seen as a jackal headed person in the pictographs!He in the gradual change in the mythology, became the recognized god of the sepulchral chamber, and eventually presided over the whole of the "funeral Mountain." So he is a funeral god who prepares the dead body for the next journey. No original sources ancient texts like Pyramid texts or coffin hieroglyphics, Book of the Dead, mentions any one who is considered as a baptizer!So I think some one is cooking up some story for some purpose. The truth is Anup or Anubis is the 'enbalmer' and 'funeral guide' 'protector of dead bodies' and not a Baptizer in the modern sense!

Mon, March 10, 2014 @ 12:20 PM

5. LOL wrote:
Source: Zeitgeist: The Movie

Come back when you have actual Egyptian texts supporting the existence of this character and then we can talk. Anubis (the god) was not a baptiser at all and this "Anup" character was invented off of him by proponents of the Christ myth conspiracy theory.

As an academic, I do not appreciate these lies and conspiracy theories being thrown around by angst atheists to try and refute the historical Jesus because they hate Christianity.

Thu, November 6, 2014 @ 8:19 AM

6. David wrote:
Jesus is my Lord and Saviour

Wed, November 26, 2014 @ 6:17 PM

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